Deborah A. Fein, UCONN, on studies of children originally diagnosed with ASD who, as teens, do not meet criteria for the disorder (eg, they have an “Optimal Outcome”). See a discussion of our project here and another one here. Fein
J. Dixon, UCONN, on studies of gesture and dynamical systems dixon
Susan Masino, Trinity College, in a study of the role of adenosine in ASD masino
Holly Fitch, UCONN, Mouse knockout model of social communication skills in ASD fitch
Ed Large, UConn, Musical “savant” skills in ASD
Elena Tenenbaum, UNC; Low Verbal Investigatory Screener (L-VIS)  images
Jan Edwards, University of Maryland, and Bob McMurray, Iowa, on Categorical Perception of Vowel Sounds in ASD  Edwards_web
Jim Magnuson, UConn, and Elena Grigorenko, Hyperlexia in ASD  James S. Magnuson