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A new article about our research

Very excited about the new SLAC grant!

Science of Learning Project Wins $3 Million NSF Award

Congrats to Anders Hogstrom on his new paper!

Stewart, C. E., Lee, S. Y., Hogstrom, A., & Williams, M. (2017). Diversify and conquer: A call to promote minority representation in clinical psychology. The Behavior Therapist, 40(3), 74-79.

Our new paper on gestures!

Silverman, L. B., Eigsti, I. M., & Bennetto, L. (in press). I tawt I taw a puddy tat: Gestures in Canary Row narrations by high-fCanary_Row_Titleunctioning adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Research

Interview with Ashley de Marchena, Lab Alum, on diagnostic “frankness”

Frankly, My Dear, That’s Clear to an Expert: A Q&A on ‘Frank’ Presentations of Autism

DCNLab celebrates the end of the semester!



Lab alum Ashley de Marchena takes a faculty position at University of the Sciences

Congrats, Ashley!!



Congrats to Brian Castelluccio on his grant!

Brian will be investigating the neural underpinnings of generalization learning in adults with ASD. We look forward to learning more!

Hoorah to Allison Canfield, on her publication

Canfield, A. R., Eigsti, I. M., de Marchena, A., & Fein, D. (in press). Story goodness in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and in optimal outcomes from asd. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research.

Congrats to Josh Green, M.A., on his successful MA thesis defense!